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babyjasonabdl is right, SDK are awesome :o 
My favorites diapers :p

Excelente foto


maybe i need a change

I think instead of a change add two more layers instead. At least.


Sleeping in just a large diaper with his toys. Someone’s regressing nicely

I love this pic ! Do not know who he is but I have seen this pic a couple year ago I fall in love with pics and this is one of them ! I not post it very often so there he goes :-)



and such infantile baby pants ;)

Daddy got his boy some cute plastic pants to wear. Lucky boy.

But everyone will see, Mommy!  There is no way to hide pampers this thick… *whimper*

A naughty, filthy little boy, Mommy…

Just a teaser of what is coming next! 
Also have gotten a load of great questions which will be answered very soon!
Already have over 150 followers!!! Thanks so much for the support and interest in this little series! so much more to come still!!

Why ABDL/ DDLG/ CGl is not pedophilia.(my point of view, feel free to add your thoughts!)Look at my tumblr. What do you see? A 23 year old person, wearing diapers, using a paci, bottles and enjoying things, that usually only kids would enjoy (without being judged**). You say, this is ‘gateway porn’ for pedophiles? Then let me explain:- Someone, who is a pedophile, is sexually attracted to children. I am not anywhere close to being a kid. A pedophile will most likely be very disturbed, if he saw me. An adult. With diapers and a paci. He does’t care about my diapers and my paci. I’m too old, he is simply not interested in me, no matter how I dress.- Someone, who is not a pedophile, is often (but not always) sexually attracted to adults. If an adult will look at me, he will often be disturbed as well. Not, because I look like a kid and he feels like he’s looking at childporn, but simply because I use pacis and diapers. It’s just a very disturbing thing for people, who are not into it (most of the time).- Nobody will ever look at me, an adult person with a childrens behaviour and think the following:Oh, this adult girl is turning me on, when she’s wearing kidds clothes. Maybe a kid will turn me on, too.Never.Because this is not, how it works. You either are attracted to children, or you’re not. ABDL/ DDlg/ CGl does not open doors for pedos. You can not ‘create’ a pedo.You still don’t get it? That’s okay, let’s do an easy comparison:If adults dressed as kids create pedos,adults dressed as cats create beastiality.No. That last part makes no sense, does it? Right. Because it doesn’t. It makes no sense. What you’re saying, makes no sense. Dressing up as cats for carnival or any other occasion does not create anything, except fun.You either are something (pedo/ abdl/ into beastiality) anyway, or you’re not.**Note: Judged for using stuffies, toys, pacis, bottles. But guess what? I have never encountered a girl who doesn’t sleep with stuffies. I never found a person not to have a big smile on their face when someone is wearing something adorably cute and I never found anyone who does not enjoy playgrounds, once they know, nobody will say “But you’re an adult!’. Because you know what? Kids do those things for a reason: They’re fun. Why on earth should they not be fun for adults. Adults are  nothing but kids with the license to drive and drink. Ask any adult. They will agree. Even if they’re not into any of that stuff. (and if you’re adult and do not agree: I am really, extremely, incredibly sorry that you, indeed, grew an adult heart) Is that so difficult to understand?

Haven’t posted in a while, so I made some memes because I was bored. They’re really corny, but let me know what you think :D

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Diaper Boys

I've Iearned to accept this as part of who I am, and I don’t really care who knows. Like most AB/DLs the urges come and go. Sometimes I’ll wear diapers every day for weeks at a time. Then sometimes, a week or two will go by and I won’t wear at all. It really just depends on my moods, what I’m doing with my life at the time, etc.

After Mommy or Daddy diapers you, you can come into my little playroom and check out all the cute little baby boys here!

Most of the adult babies in this world are sweet baby boys, almost 4 to 1 over the little girls. However, an overwhelming majority of the picture postings on the Net are of adult baby girls. So...I will be posting items of interest concerning my favorite subject...diapered baby boys.

WARNING - ADULTS ONLY - This blog, and all my blogs, contain nudity, graphic text and images not suitable for minors. If you are under the age of 18 please leave my pages immediately!

Submit your amateur diapers! Baby boys only please.

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